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High-End Drone
Mapping Services



3D Point Cloud

Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

About Us

Choro Analysis  is a nationwide drone services company dedicated to providing high-quality aerial imaging data solutions for clients across a variety of industries. Working within commercial and public sector industries, our mission is to make aerial data accessible and affordable for each of our clients, equipping them to efficiently overcome challenges through informed decisions.


Orthomosaic Maps

Drone images are corrected for image distortion and stitched together during post-processing to create a highly-accurate orthomosaic map.

Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Drone images can also be used to create DSM models of the area. Each pixel contains 2D information (X, Y) and the altitude (Z value) of the highest point for this position.

Digital Terain Model (DTM)

After filtering objects such as buildings, the drone images can be used to create DTMs with each pixel containing 2.5D information (X, Y, and Z value of the highest altitude).

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Instead of depicting how your site actually appears in person, DEMs generally use colour to indicate differences in elevation.

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